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Translation Update

The New Testament is being shared in the language of the Cabécar as an audio recording.  The Faith Comes by Hearing ministry came to Costa Rica to work with the ministry team and native Cabécar readers.  It is a qulaity recording in dramatic reading style with voices to match the characters.  The recording is distributed to people on a device called a Proclaimer, which is battery operated and has several methods to recharge.  The people can play books and chapters on demand and also listen sot praise music recorded in Cabécar.  The first batch of these units has been distributed.  After some distribution data is collected and sent to back, more units will be shipped.  In my discussions, I have learned that several more units could be used.  If you are interested in sponsoring a unit, please send your questions or donations.

The printed Word is in typesetting stage.  This work is being done by MiDi in Switzerland.  We are very please with this choice, because they have a lot of experience in working with many languages, and Bible contruction for a variety of climates.  Look for future updates on the printing progress.

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Making Good Progress

The team is making good progress on the work. The weather has been good. We only had rain the first couple of days. Today looks to be hot and sunny. (Lisa makes sure everyone stays hydrated.)  The night sky has been full of stars and the glory of our Creator.

Our main goal is to stabilize the frame and finish the interior and exterior walls for one room, so the Old Testament translation work to begin. The rest of the building can be finished at a slower pace.

It has been wonderful to have Timothy’s whole family here with us. They have had time off for their summer break. Only Hannah had to go back for work, but she will be back today.

We saw David, the Cabecar translator, with his wife and baby. They had to go through for a doctor appointment. He will live here in the camp and work in the office.

We have worked hard and had great fellowship. Our devotions at night have been a time to ponder the depths of God’s love for us and His plan for each of us.

Ephesians 6


The Work Begins

We started work today. It began with set-up and planning work. We also had to establish a good electric power service. Lines were moved and circuits added to run the power equipment. We reassembled the wood planer, which had to be taken apart and spread out across 3 bags to make the weight limit.


The wood prep work began and later in the afternoon they began hanging siding on the building. The wood is wet, so the work is going a little slow right now.


We wired the well pump with a better circuit and buried the cable. The team is helping in any way they can and we are getting things done. The day ran a little long and people were tired. Now that we are a bit settled, the day should get off to a better start and we should be able to finish a little earlier on Tuesday.


Love and greetings to our families and friends.

What Happened Next

You may be wondering how the day ended. Well Timothy met the team from Kentucky at the airport. The airline got them to Philly too late for the connection, but they had their seat assignments on the new route before their original fight left the gate … Go figure!  Well, they arrived at the camp at about 3:20AM settled in and we got to sleep again by 4AM. I had alittle problem when it started to rain.  It seems I was too close to the edge of the building and it started to rain on me. After I moved I got another nap.


We enjoyed a time of prayer and breakfast. David came to get the team and gave us a tour on the way to his home. We spent the day visiting and talking and had a nice meal together.


The kids came to get us and we will be leaving soon for the camp. Tomorrow we will start with the main electrical service. Once that is installed properly, we will be able to run the equipment.


Pray for safety and a productive day the weather is pretty consistent.


1 Cor 15:1-4


A Bumpy Start

When we say it was a bumpy start we don’t mean the bouncy landing in San Jose. Half the team missed their connection in Philadelphia. They have been rerouted and will arrive later tonight.


We met Hannah at the airport. It was really hard to explain the pieces of a thickness planer with the limited vocabulary. You try it, when all you really know is how to ask where the bathroom is.


We made it to the bus station and were about to get a real meal, if you call a food court that. Since we didn’t eat much all day, it’ll be a feast.  The bus is going to be full, but we’ll get the full local experience. (*See picture*)


I’ll finish the story in the next post. I hope we have a signal at the job site,  if not their may not be many more posts.


Many thanks to my son, Tommy, who is updating the Blog site. Love to all from us.


Romans 10:10-11


Why so quiet?

I’m sorry that we have not been communicating very much lately.  Much has been going on and there is a lot to share.  The New Testament has been finished and audio recordings should be available soon to distribute to the Cabecar.  The transcripts will be ready in the spring to go to type setting and printing.  This is very exciting!

The next newsletter will focus on the translation, the audio recording, and how it is needed to spread the Gospel.  I am sorry that it is long overdue.  That is my fault, it just seems like the weeks and months are slipping by so quickly.  I can’t believe that another year is coming to a close.

I wish you all health and growth in the Spirit!

- Blane

Mission Trip – January 2012

We are planning a team trip January 14-21, 2012.  We will be working on the translation office in the coastal area.  Part of the team will be working on David and Lucy’s home.  Please let us know if you are interested and sign up for email updates.

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The latest newsletter is now available on the website. Visit…

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