Disciple Training

Bible Camps

Lecture & Guided Studies

David held his first Bible camp 2004 for disciples from the Cabécar regions that he hiked through ministering. Some years later he discontinued them but in 2012 he started his Bible camps up again. By 2018, with the assistance and encouragement of others in the ministry his camps had developed into a tribal wide, biannual activity. The enthusiasm of the participants to learn more, many of these being younger Cabécar, inspired the Jones’ family ministry to invest much effort in systematic Bible teaching. Some camps are run for a smaller, selected group in order to give advanced courses. Some camps are for larger groups where less complex teachings are given.

Large Relief Map of the Land of Palestine

With draft copies of the Old Testament, David has taken the lead running these camps a couple of times a year. Most recently, they had about 80 people at a week-long camp, studying the tabernacle and the first seven chapters of Leviticus and to better understand how Christ was our perfect sacrifice. This was a big event and he had help of most of the family. As usual with all Bible camps, his wife Lucy managed logistics and feeding the crowds. The rest of the family helped is various ways, such as Joel took a lead on transportation, Rebekah leading child care and teaching the youth, with Timothy and Ruth assisting in teaching and studies, as do the rest of the family.

Project Leader:David Jones
Supported By:Everyone available!
Project Needs:Prayer for discipleship
Love offering for Food & Fuel

Reading Primers

Many of the younger Cabécar have been trained to read in schools. (The Costa Rica government did not educate Cabécar in reading their native language, until around 2002. At that time they also established the character set for all indigenous languages.) One of the barriers to sharing the Bible is basic reading skills. While the younger generations have been taught to read Cabécar, many of the older ones have not. There was no written form of the language for centuries. Ruth Jones has taken on the challenge of updating and creating reading primers to teach people to read and basic grammar. The first set of these heavily illustrated guides are nearing completion, and will be ready to print in Q2-2020.

Project Leader:Ruth Jones
Supported By:Timothy Jones, Rebekah Jones
Project Needs:Prayer for learning and desire for the Gospel
Financial support for printing ($500 initial printing)