The core work of the ministry work is the translation of the Bible into the indigenous Cabécar language.  Much progress has been done and the New Testament is now available to these people.  We have seen a growth in the number of believers who have not only come to faith in Jesus Christ, but have acquired a love of God through the Scriptures.

Now the work continues to meet the need to translate the Old Testament, so these faithful Christian can go deeper in their knowledge and understanding of God’s word.  The translation work requires several people to work on draft and proofing of text as they translate from the Hebrew manuscripts.  Also, new computers with the resources required to run the reference software along with the typography and annotation software.

This is a big effort and will require much support over the coming years.  Please consider supporting the salary of the workers and the equipment needed.  Contact us for ways that you can help.  Contact us!

An Indiana non-profit ministry serving the Lord Jesus Christ.