David & Lucy Jones

David is the Youngest son of Aziel and Marian Jones. David is married to Lucy, who is a native of Costa Rica. Together they have two sons, Andrew and Levi, who have recently graduate from High School. Andrew is studying welding and has an interest in it as a career trade. Levi is interested in continued studies in engineering. As a family they serve the local indigenous people, which are predominantly Cabécar, but also include Bribri and Guaymi, also. They frequently travel as a family into remote regions to build relationships, share the Gospel, and minister.

David has recently lead the teaching at Bible Camps, which have been conference style studies for discipleship training. The entire family has been involved in the logistics and work necessary to operate these events. David has also been working to translate the gospel of Mark into on of the dialects of the Guaymi language.

Over the years, David and his sons have also invested time and effort in teaching the indigenous people how to use and maintain equipment for lumbering, which provides a source of income for the native population.

David & Lucy are not part of a mission organization that raises funds on their behalf. They live by faith and the generosity of faithful givers. If you wish to support David and his family directly, visit our Partner page for more information about donating.